Emmy Korwin

President & Founder

      Emmy (Emily) Korwin is a current student at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, FL. She wants to be a medical missionary and is currently studying nursing with the hopes of specializing in pediatrics. She wishes to work oversees to help provide medical care to orphans and vulnerable children. She enjoys volunteering with many different organizations and helping others in any way she can. She also works as a student leader at her university in their volunteering department and has spent time in an internship where she lead mission trips that worked with many different non profit organizations.

Steve Crump


     Steve Crump has been a principal for the past 14 years at Sarasota Suncoast Academy and been in the educational field since 1998.  He has three biological young adults and one adopted young lady. His family has been a foster family since 2012. Steve is passionate about adoption and foster care since it has become a huge and important part of his own family. 

Stephanie Welch


     Stephanie Welch has been a part of Island Village Montessori School since 2003. Stephanie has her teaching certificate for K-12 Exceptional Student Education, K-6th grade Elementary Education, and Art K-12th grade. She also has E;elementary I and Elementary II Montessori certification. Additionally, Stephanie is also the proud mother of three boys. Two of her sons are biological while the third was adopted when he was three years old. Stephanie loves spending time with her husband and sins because family is number one for her.

Melissa Hembree


    Melissa has a background in marketing & communications and works part-time as a consultant for non-profit organizations. She is a full-time mother to four young children and very active in her church’s young families ministry. She has been an active member of the Junior League of Sarasota for seven years and is currently serving her fourth consecutive year on the JLS Board of Directors. Melissa is passionate about being involved in and supporting organizations and ministries which support our children. Whether it is a child living in her own home or in the foster and adoption system, she believes all children deserve to feel safe, loved and cared for. 

Cheryl Korwin


   Cheryl Korwin is currently the principal of Sarasota Academy of the Arts and has been in the education field for over 30 years.  She has been married to her husband sine 1994 and they have four children.  Being that all her children are older teens or in college, she cherishes every moment she can with her family no matter if they are vacationing or just spending time at home. Cheryl is also a volunteer for their son’s high school band and enjoys spending time with and helping children of all ages.

David Korwin


    David Korwin has been with Zenith Insurance Company for 21 years and in the field of workers’ compensation for 29 years.  He currently leads a highly specialized team dealing with catastrophic work accidents involving brain injury, spinal cord injury, complicated burns, and other severe conditions.   He has four biological children, who along with his wife, have a passion for children and their quality of life no matter their circumstances and where they come from.

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