A little bit about how we started 

       A little tidbit of Expand Your Love's history: on July 2nd, 2014 our founder and president, Emmy Korwin, attended a summer camp with her youth group at age 16. At the camp, they had several sermons that talked about relevant cultural andsocietal problems. The sermons discussed what we should do as Christians to help fix them. In one particular sermon about the orphan crisis, the pastor said that we should create a "culture of adoption" so that every child can be welcomed into a loving family. It was in that sermon that our founder felt called to start the journey of creating a nonprofit to raise awareness for adoption and help orphans and foster care children. The following two years were filled with research on orphans and adoption and learning how to start a nonprofit. We talked to others who have nonprofits with similar missions. We sought counsel from individuals how to have knowledge in the realm of nonprofits. We talked to people who have fostered and who have adopted. 


        In March of 2016, all the plans for the nonprofit began to fall in place! People began to support our mission and what we are trying to accomplish. They encouraged us to journey on and do whatever we can to help orphans and foster care children. After this ( and by the grace of God), things began to move really quickly and by April 15th, 2016 we were an official nonprofit! In our first year, we did a lot of building such as creating a website, selling shirts, creating social media and doing whatever we can to get our name out there and start raising awareness, one of our main goals! We launched our first project, which was a clothing drive, and we received over 700 donations. All the donations were then donated to foster care children in the West Palm Beach, FL area. In the years following we have done another clothes drive, have done a socks/shoes drive, have written letters to foster care children, and have supported other nonprofits who also have a heart for children who are in foster care or have been orphaned.



We couldn't be more thankful for all those have been with us on our journey so far and all those who will join us as our journey continues!

Expand Your Love

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