Raise Awareness

    Raising awareness is the easiest project to take part in because you can do it anywhere and anytime. All you have to do is spread the word about what we do and tell others about the impotance of adoption and the needs of orphans. You can do this through posting on social media like twitter, instagram, etc. and you can also share our website with others so that they can learn more about what we do. Raising awareness is very important because it shows people what needs to be done and it encourages them to do something about it. If you have any ideas about projects or ways to raise awareness , please feel free to tell us! We love to discover new ways to tell people about how important it is to adopt and help orphans all over the world.

T -Shirts

We are currently selling Expand Your Love t-shirts as our first fundraiser! The t-shirts cost $15 (additional fees apply for shipping) and the proceeds will go towards purchasing items such as diapers and school supplies that will be given to children in need. T-shirts will also provide a way fro you to personally raise awareness in your everyday life. You can purchase a t-shirt in any size ranging from S-XL and you can choose one of three colors : Dark Grey, Teal, or Coral Pink. Please contact us if you would like one!

Clothes Drive

Clothes Drive 2017

From April 26th, 2017- May 4th, 2017 we collected clothes through a donation bin in one of the dorms at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, FL. This was our first official project and we are immensely grateful for how well it went! 739 items of clothing were collected and then donated to Place of Hope in West Palm Beach, FL.

Clothes Drive 2018

From April 23rd- May 1st, 2018 we collected clothes through a donation bin the one of the dorms at Palm Beach Atlantic University once again. Our 2nd annual clothes drive received 548 items and all the clothes were donated to the children's home known as Place of Hope in West Palm Beach, FL.


Letters of Love is a project we have where individuals can write letters full of hope, encouragement, and love to orphans and foster care children. You can encourage them to do well in school, chase their dreams, and be the best them they can be! You can also remind them that they are important and loved by many!

Soles to Souls Sock and Shoe Drive

Our Souls to Soles drive collected socks and shoes for foster care children in the Sarasota and Tampa, FL area. We were blessed to have received 243 pairs of shoes and 1,653 pairs of socks! Big thanks to Waterset Charter School in Apollo Beach, FL and Suncoast Academy in Sarasota, FL for the donations!

Bridge A life Superhero 5k Partner

On February 17th, 2018 we partnered with a nonprofit organization called Bridge A Life who also works to help foster care children. Every year they hold a superhero 5k and this year we were a part of it! We were able to set up a booth at the 5k to share about what we do and how we help as well as do face painting for the children there. We were able to share with many people about how they can help foster care chikdren and orpahns. 

Girl Scout Troop 307

Girl Scout Troop 307 is an amazing group of young girls who are passionate about helping foster care children. They used a portion of their cookie sales money to buy brand new shoes, socks, and underwear that we will donate to children's homes in the Sarasota, FL area. They also presented us with Walmart and Target gift cards that will be used to buy more necessities needed at children's homes and for future projects. These girls and their passion to help truly is inspiring!

Expand Your Love

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