Gabe Biggs

My name is Gabe. I was born in Harrison, Arkansas on June 23rd, 1997. My birth parents were not able to take care of me financially, so they put me up for adoption. My adoptive parents have had me ever since I left the hospital.

Twenty years later, I have earned my Eagle Scout withe the Boy Scouts of America and I have the encouragement from my parents to do the things I love and they are always pushing me to be myself. I have spent my last two summers starting my dream of working in the scuba diving industry and while everyone said I wouldn't make it, my parents never gave up on me.

The amount of support and love I get from them is unlike anything I could imagine. And then when I was two years old, they adopted my sister as well and lover her just as much. I am blessed to have such an amazing life and parents that love my sister and I as much as they do. It truly is a blessing. I have an amazing family and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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