The Barkers (Dylan)

As many of you know, our family has been fostering for almost 3 years now. The decision to foster was very clearly a calling from God. We wrestled initially with the Lord, questioning his calling, because... well, we already had 5 children of our own, but the Lord was persistent... knocking and knocking on our hearts to obey and walk out this calling. After much prayer, and discussions with our older children... we began this incredible journey.

In the last 3 years we have had 14 beautiful hearts come into our home. 4 of them stayed forever. ❤❤❤❤

Each one has a story that will break your heart, but also allow you to see the tapestry of God, how he very carefully weaved together events and people into their lives to bring them home to our family. Their stories are for the most part private, and we are very protective of them. However, I need to share a little about our son Dylan.

Dylan is the youngest cub of our family. The Lord put him on my heart before I even knew his story, his face, or any detail. He came to live with us just shortly after his 1st birthday. He is now 2 1/2. The reason I am sharing about Dylan is because part of his story can't be hidden, because Dylan is a burn victim. There's many times I have wanted all of you to pray for him, yet could not share about him. Our beautiful, JOYFUL son faces a lifetime of surgeries. In fact, he's had 3 already this year. (Burned over 32% of his body)

His life journey will be full of obstacles and physical pain, but his heart will be continuously filled with all things good... God, Family, Friends and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

The reason that I am bringing this more "public" today, is that it has caught a few people off guard that we have seen out and about. Please feel free to ask questions, to look at his scars and injuries, he is a living testimony to God's saving, healing powers. He is a Joy to all of us, and just a wee bit spoiled and coddled by all of us. ❤

We will forever thank God for all of our children, he has blessed us beyond measure!

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